Beach Day Essentials

Beach Day Essentials We live in a beach area. The beach is an easy trip for us; however, we almost never go because of the tourists. Also, the sand in the car and the idea of carrying all the STUFF over the sand dunes! Ugh! Needless to say, I am not much of a beach person. Yet, this year we went to St. Augustine. It was so amazing! We loved it! The water was beautiful, and we were on a private beach with a wood path out to the sand. The experience was amazing!

If I lived in St. Augustine I may actually become a beach person. While we were right on the beach there were still some things we brought down to the sand with us that made the entire trip easier. Here are my 5 beach day essentials that we could not have done without!


  1. Bookbag Cooler

beach essential
Love the color of this cooler too!

Oh, the bookbag cooler. This can just go as one of my all-time favorite buys. We use it for hiking, beach days, and day trips. It is so nice and keeps everything nice and cool. We love it because you do not have to worry about the one-shoulder getting sore. Also, there are other pockets where we stored our “dry” items. (On hiking trips this is normally a map.) We love our bookbag cooler. It would have to be my number one recommendation as a beach day essential.




  1. Water Bottles

These water bottles were a random buy that my friend recommended. Yet, they were a lifesaver on our trip and every trip to date. They are a perfect size and the times on the side hold us all accountable for how much we drank. The girls love seeing if they can beat the clock. These were also super important for the beach when the water was refreshing, making it easy to forget to drink. I could tell the girls what line to drink to and it kept all of us hydrated. The straps make it easy to hold too! This is so much more than a beach day essential because we use them every day.

  1. The Neat Sheet (The Beach Day Blanket)

This item was something very new to us. Also, it was not ours. Haha. The day before we left we thought about whether we had a beach blanket or not. Luke and I came to the conclusion that we did not have one! So we did what any grown adult would do and called our parents! lol. His parents had a blanket. His mom at first was unsure if it could be used on the beach. She said they had never opened it but got it a few years ago. His dad,

This is truly a magical blanket.

however, assured us it would be fine on the beach because the picture was a cartoon family… on the beach. We took our chances and am so very glad we did!

The blanket was the perfect size for us and it does come in many sizes. However, the best part was its ability to shake off sand. No sand stuck to it! It really should be called the miracle blanket. It definitely made the blanket a beach day essential item.  Luke and I were very impressed with the magic this blanket holds. The only thing it doesn’t do is whisk us off to the sky. (Also, I think I still may need to give it back.)

    4. Velcro-Ball Game  (Best  Beach  Day  Game)

This game is an oldie but a goodie. We played this game every. single. day. I got the four-pack so we all could play and it was awesome! The girls loved it and the beach there was so empty that we could easily run around and catch it. It was the perfect summer afternoon beach game for the family. I highly recommend this game.

   5. Sand toys

This may seem very obvious to you. However, I was shocked at the number of kids at the beach who did NOT have sand toys.  M loves the sand. And the dirt but that’s totally different. She loves making all sorts of different things from castles to pies to little aquariums that they store the fish they caught. She loves the sand. Sand toys may seem like a DUH! I will also add, that while we have had sand toys for a long while (we live near a beach), we did not have good sand shovels. Last-minute, I purchased these sand shovels from Amazon. beach essential with kids They were so amazing and held up great. Luke and I were also able to use them easily which made it easier to play in the sand with M.


These were the five items we never went to the beach without. Of course, you need towels, Luke had his boogie board, and we had some great lightweight aluminum chairs that we took down. Our trip to the beach was so amazing. I was actually very worried about being bored and not having many things to do to occupy my time. As a kid, my family only ever went to the beach and it got so BORING! However, I have to say with these items and the beautiful water of St. Augustine I mourned the days we did not just sit at the beach. Although, St. Augustine was a blast and we had so much fun! Check out our trip into the city here!

What beach supplies would you say you have to have? Have you ever heard of the Neat Sheet? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.


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