Intentional Summer

Summer is full of sunshine, relaxing, and outdoor time. It also gives way to no kind of schedule or routine. This year I had to make my summer intentional to be able to get through.

This summer Luke is gone. It feels weird because we have never spent a summer apart from one another. This summer has just been different. In our marriage, I am a type one and Luke is a type seven. To put it in my girls’ terms, “Mommy you plan the fun and Daddy makes the fun happen.” It is absolutely true. I can plan all the fun events and when it comes it is just missing the special sparkle only Luke provides. This summer I promised myself I would relax. I would take one day at a time. I WOULD have fun! It sounds so easy yet….

My Easy Fix!

To conquer this, I created my intentional summer plan. It started because my girls kept asking me what was next. What is next Mommy? Mommy, what do we do now? Mommy, I want you to play! I don’t know about you but ‘playing’ with my girls is hard for me. I find it… well…. boring. But I also knew they needed some time with me. So as any type one person would do, I created a plan and a routine. (I mean what is life without routine??? Luke would say fun!)

Intentional Summer Plan

Make it Monday.
Intentional summer Monday
We painted with Q-tips for this fun Make it Monday activity.

My girls and I love doing arts and crafts. They live for it and really enjoy creating and painting. Mondays are dedicated to this. So far we have created clay beads, water balloon painted (this really didn’t work as well as it did in my head), and snap painted.

Trip Tuesday.

This summer we have made too many trips to the dentist in my opinion but I have tried to make those weeks fun too. We have gone to the boardwalk, picnic in the park, and mini-golfing.

Wet Wednesdays:
Wet Wednesday
The girls loved these squirters I bought from Wal-Mart.

This day is fun. It is all about WATER! We have a fun inflatable kiddie pool that has been a lifesaver most days. I bought these $1 water squirters that I think work way better than water guns. And we got to go to the pool with friends.

Think it Thursday:

Our day to do some experiments. We have used the Melscience kits! Which is so much fun and we created these Lava heads from toilet paper rolls. The girls both asked for this and so it has been fun to see how their minds work and everything they learn.

Fun Friday

Mostly a day to take a break from a plan and do something that does not fit into the other categories. We have played games, had a picture book picnic,  made some snacks, and had a tea party. It has been fun and we have enjoyed the freedom of the days.

What does an Intentional Summer Really Look Like?

Of course, all of these have just been suggested guidelines. One week we got to go to Storytime on Monday which was super fun. I do not turn down things simply because they do not fit into our routine. The summer is all about being intentional with our relationships and time together. (And also making time go a little faster to get Luke home). The girls and I have been having so much fun together. I am so thankful for making the days intentional to do something fun and not the same thing every day. It has been a special time spent with my girls and even though Luke adds to the fun in so many ways, I like to think I can be pretty fun too.

Here are some Ideas for Your Intentional Summer:

Make it Monday:

Have any craft kits taking up space? This is the time to get them out and try them!

Snap Painting (rubber bands on a tray paint them and snap. Watch the paint splatter)

q-tip Painting ( use q-tips to paint a picture of little dots. Watch how they can come together to create a beautiful picture)

Sock friends ( grab some socks, fill the bottom with rice and seal with a rubber band. Decorate a face)

Paper Spinner Toy

Resistant watercoloring (use a white crayon to draw a picture and then watercolor over to reveal what it is)

Friendship bracelets



Trip Tuesday





Trip Tuesday
Took a Trip to the local Mini- golf place! Love her smile!

Mini Golfing

Hiking Trail

Play date



Wet Wednesday

Water Squirters

Water balloon fight


Water Potions ( I dye the water with food dye and my girls use kitchen utensils and pots to mix them up)

Mud Pies

Foil river

Think it Thursday

Mel Science Kits

Magnet Fun

Bouncy Egg

Candle in a Jar

Intentional Summer
The girls created Lava heads. We cut faces out of TP rolls and placed some baking soda in them. Then mixed Vinegar with some dye and poured them in!

Lava Heads

Baking Soda/ White Vinegar fun (I put food dye with the white vinegar and pour baking soda on a plate. Using the droppers the girls see what happens)


Fun Friday

Ice cream in a bag


Sandy Dessert ( vanilla pudding, vanilla cookies, Swedish fish)

Fun Friday
On Fun Friday we created this yummy treat! Vanilla pudding, nilla wafers, and Swedish fish

Tea Party

Picture book Picnic

Park Picnic

Game day

Movie Day


Intentional Summer
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I have really been enjoying all our intentional summer activities. I would love to see what you have done with your summer! Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can check out your awesome summer stories! #todayslittlemoments


This also ties in nicely if you are counting down to anything! You can check out my countdown post all about how we counted down to my husband coming home from deployment! It has even more ideas to make the days fun!



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