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This year we started homeschooling. My husband came home from deployment in August and had some time off to spend with us. Our first few weeks of school were sporadic and a bit crazy. There was no homeschool rhythm to our days and we mostly just saw how much we could cram into the weeks he had off. It was a splendid and wonderful way for our family to reconnect.

At this time, school started for the public schools around here and there were so many times I stared at the busses leaving our neighborhood while my girls were sleeping. I would think to myself, “Wow I am so glad I am not rushing around so much this year.”

Homeschooling has brought a feeling of peace to our family that I did not know we were missing. My husband is now back to work, and we have been homeschooling now for a month.

What Did I Expect??

 Let me tell you, the first real week of homeschooling was awful. I cried. I was irritated because I had created this beautiful schedule that worked out so very well in my head. Then it didn’t.

Our first week, we had doctor appointments, I was trying to do it all, we had a playdate set up, and homework for our co-op due on Friday. My routine should have worked until I realized it was never going to happen. There was just so much I wanted to do.

I wanted to do the precious read-aloud moments, the daily art classes, be hands-on with our history, have science experiments, bake, read poetry and play learning games. Yes, you are probably laughing at me right now. It would certainly be deserved. Or maybe you’re like me and think, “YES! That is exactly what I want!” It lasted one day. I was so burnt out, my girls were irritable, and it had only been one day. So here is what happen…

Insert the Loop Schedule to our Homeschool Rhythm

My friend had given me the book Teaching from Rest, it sounded good however, I am the worst at rest, so I felt like this book was one of those reads where it sounded good, but it was never going to work for me. However, there I sat in the morning when she was talking about schedules. She explains the loop schedule. The loop schedule saved my homeschool.

How the loop schedule works are there is only one subject you touch on each day in the loop. Here is how our schedule works.

Bible- we do this first every day. It sets up our hearts and attitudes in the right place for the day ahead. We then follow it with some fun YouTube songs (66 books, 50 nifty states, and normally a random one the girls love).

Reading and Writing- As far as our homeschool these go first because the girls work best first thing in the morning.


Our First Loop

If we started on Monday it would look like this:

Monday- History

Tuesday- Science

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- History

(We go to co-op on Friday but if you don’t it would be science again)

Spanish – This was something very important to M because she was in Spanish immersion and loved learning a new language. Therefore, we are still doing that daily. It may be songs, read-aloud, workbooks, or online games.

Our Read-Aloud Loop.

Our read-aloud block gives me a break from reading the same books every day and I could never read all of these in one day.

That is it. Our schedule for the day. I loved the loop schedule so much I started to use it with my cleaning and laundry too!

Our Homeschool Rhythm…

I also found for our daily routine not having time was the best idea. We have a rhythm of the day and an order but overall, we do not have time. Putting time on activities (unless it is somewhere we must be), put extra pressure on me. It made me feel extra tense if we were not done at a certain time which was silly because I was the only one setting the time standards.  

Our daily homeschooling  rhythm that has helped us create a more peaceful day!

Some extra rhythms of our day are after school is done we eat lunch and play for a bit. Then we take a quiet time. Sometimes the girls play together quietly but other times they need a break from one another. This is a time where they color, play with Legos or make loop bracelets.

After quiet time we have cleaning time, we all pitch in to help and it has made a community of helpfulness in our home. We all have tasks for the day and complete them working side by side. I often work out around this time and make dinner.

Give it a try!

Having a homeschool rhythm has helped our home so much and has created a very peaceful atmosphere. It has been so enjoyable spending time with the girls in both a learning and living life matter.

In the printable below I have a loop schedule for cleaning and one you can fill in yourself. I hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear the kinds of things would you put in your loop schedule?

The cleaning loop that I use in my home!
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